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It's never been easier to take an idea and bring it to market.


Design a product.


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1. Design a Product

Design the 3D Printed Parts

We work with you to develop the best possible 3D models for your product. Add all the 3D printed parts that are needed for your product.

Create Assembly Directions

We welcome products that include assembly and additional non printed parts. Give us a parts list of non 3D printed parts as well as detailed assembly instructions.

2. Submit to Print3d Mart

You set your price

You set the price for your design or post it for free. We only take 15%.

Submit Your Design

Submit your design. We will work with you to ensure the product can be approved and manufactured by a building services.

3. Review and Approve

After we have reviewed the design, once approved, it will instantly go online on our marketplace.

4. Sell On Our Marketplace

Become Part of a Growing Marketplace

Your Product will then be available for a builder to manufacture it for customers or available for download.

5. Get Built By A Network of Builders

Sit back and let the builders do the hard work making your designs!

6. Share your product

Share your product with everyone to show what you have created!