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C13 power Brick


4 Way C13 power Brick from 1 C14

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Product Description

The printed model in the photo is taller, I fixed the model to be at 30mm, according to the specs of the C13 standard, that makes it only possible to solder the cables because there is not enough space for connectors. I also I didn’t had the right cable so used two cables for every connection. I sealed it with ABS slurry used as a glue, it looks horrible, but is not supposed to be seen, you could have better results if you are careful. If you have any suggestions please feel free. INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Print the appropriate power brick and cover.
  2. a. Populate C14 hole with a C14 plug. b. Populate the C13 hole with the 4-way C13 connector socket. c. Optional Populate the switch hole(if available) with an appropriate switch.
  3. Make the connections (C14 Earth to C13 Earth, C14 Line to Switch Line, Switch Open Side Line to C13 Line, C14 Neutral to Switch Neutral, Switch Open Side Neutral to C13 Neutral).
  4. Put the cover on to the brick and Glue it together.


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3D Printing Details

File Type: STL
Print Volume(20% Infill): 0.531396992 in3 or 8.708 cm3
Dimensions: 13.95 cm X 4.5 cm X 3.2 cm

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