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Open a Building Shop


Choose What Products To Manufacture


Set Your Pricing


Add Details About Your Service


Source Non 3D Printed Parts


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1. Open a Building Shop

Create a Shop Front To Run Your Business

Bring customers to use your building services for manufacturing their favorite products to order by creating a unique storefront.

2. Choose What Products To Manufacture

You pick which products you want to manufacture. Choose one or 1000.

3. Set your pricing

You decide what price to build each product.

4. Add Details about your Service

Create your own description for each product

Each uniquely designed product requires special care to be manufactured so make sure to let your customers know what sets your building service for each product apart.

Let customers know your available options you offer for each product

You can pick the material, color, and other aspects for each product you offer in your building service.

5. Source Non 3D Printed Parts

We know some of the greatest products can't be 3D printed alone.

Set your building service apart by sourcing non 3D printed parts from anywhere to be included as part of the build for each product.

6. Start Manufacturing

Go online and start taking orders!

Let's get started!