About Us

Welcome to Print3d Mart!  Here at Print3d Mart, we are trying to bridge the gap between what consumers want in 3D printing technology and the currently available options.  We are a “multi” marketplace, bringing designers with products to people that have 3D printers(builders) for these products.  Our idea is that anyone can benefit from 3D printers by buying products from anyone.  We see a big problem with most sites today where they are simply focused around “3d models” rather than the actual product.  We also believe that we don’t want to limit anyone to being able to only buy the “3d model” instead of buying the completed assembled product.  Lastly, we truly feel that creating a community of builders will allow 3D printing to grow much quicker instead of leveraging companies to make the 3D printed products.  So check out us and help us show the world the true potential of 3D printing!

A little about myself….

My name is Craig and I am the founder of Print3d Mart.  Back in 2014, I began playing around with 3D printers.  I purchased a DIY RepRap 3D printer and instantly was hooked.  I was in awe with the versatility and ability to create any and everything with this simple machine.  And naturally as a lifelong DIY/Tinkerer, my wheels began turning on the possibilities I could do with this.  I started printing all sorts of various things from replacing broken pieces(who knew how many little plastics parts you really need?) to completely new product ideas.  This led me into the various 3D repositories and other sites.  But I always ended up frustrated with the number of useless, low quality models out there.  I just couldn’t believe that with all the incredible and creative designers out there, that there wasn’t any place to really allow these models to be available to the everyday consumer.  And the other surprising thing is the lack of ways to allow all these people(and companies) with 3D printers to be able to “manufacture” these incredible products to consumers.  And this is how Print3d Mart was born.  I really want this to be a place where anyone can easily share their product designs as well as allowing anyone to build the designs.  I feel that this will get the most benefits for consumers!  So check us out and share with us your amazing designs!  Thanks again and let us know if there is anything we can help with!

Craig D.